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Simulate different retirement scenarios

Log in and see your pension payouts at different retirement ages - if you retire at your statutory state pension age, but also if you retire earlier or later. If you are considering retiring before you reach the statutory state pension age, the basic state pension payout is included in your payout total by default.

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See your pension and insurance providers

Log in, click on “Your plans” in the top menu and you will get a list of your plans and providers. If you click on a specific plan, more details will be shown.

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How to send your PensionsInfo data to your counsellor

You can send your PensionsInfo data to your counsellor. You may also be able to access your data from your bank’s or pension provider’s self-service portal. In order to do so, you have to log in to your bank’s or pension provider’s portal and follow instructions.

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Demo - one person
See an example of how PensionsInfo works and what kinds of data you find here. In this demo you cannot use the function "Access", which enables you to request access from another person to his or her PensionsInfo. To use "Access" you must log in on your "real" PensionsInfo.
Demo - two persons
In this scenario, the user has requested power of attorney from another person and has access to this person's PensionsInfo. In this demo you cannot request a power of attorney. You can only access another person's PensionsInfo, if you actually log in on PensionsInfo and go to the top menu "Access".